December 20, 2016

Who’s AleMonk?

ale monk beer connoisseur and enthusiast

Please Share Our Love to Beer

Oh man I love beer! I love everything about her. I remember being 18 years old when I had my first encounter with that blonde goddess. It was the hair that caught my attention but the taste, oh, that was love at first try.

Since then I’ve been collecting beer caps for every different beer I’ve ever shared a conversation. I also started taking pictures of them so I could see them time to time when I missed them. So I could remember her taste. Oh I love the taste. And all these memories will be the wallpaper of my future man cave.

Since then I also started drinking beer all the time. Like for example right now I’m drinking a beer with my right hand and I’m pouring a beer in my head with my left. I would drink Polarcitas at the baseball stadium to Watch Los Leones de Caracas. I also love drinking one after exercising, ahh that’s refreshing.

Now I’m older, and when you get older you get into weird things, so I got into home brewing. And I’m gonna tell you all about here.

I’ll beer you later.