November 29, 2016

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What Type Are You? Commercial or Craft Beer? Read the differences…

After a hard and long day at work, we often fantasize about going home, kicking back and relaxing with a cold beer in our hands. Beer is a part of relaxing, as clouds are a part of the phenomenon of rain; you can’t separate them both. Beer is deeply rooted into the essence of recreational activities, an one can not separate them both. But when you go to the bar to get a beer, or to a store to get it in large quantities, you hear about commercial beer and craft beer; and that makes you think that what are they actually? Well, fret no more, because I’ll explain the difference between them.

Scale of production:

You have plenty of experience with what beer is by now. The beer we get normally at bars and liquor stores is known as commercial beer. It is mass produced by companies, and it is the most widely available variant of beer. As compared to craft beer, Commercial Beer is made with cheaper ingredients and adjuncts such as rice, which in the end makes the beer more bland and since the ingredients are easy to obtain, it is inexpensive. Though the end result is that this beer, will make you feel bloated and full. Craft beer is something else entirely, mainly because it is made by people, craftsman who loved the drink so much that they decided to make it themselves and share it with the world; they run successful comparatively small scale breweries.


While commercial beer tastes like…well, beer; Craft beer has a distinct flavor and at times it tastes like chocolate, coffee, oak, caramel, molasses, grass, floral hops, dark fruit, smoke, grapefruit, oranges, lemon, coriander, pumpkin, hazelnut, and any number of other ingredients.


Commercial beer is often advertised with expensive sports car and gorgeous super models giving off the impression that the consumption of that beer will get you those things. While marketing craft beer, th emphasis is on the taste and flavor of the drink along with the various ingredients that went in making the drink, rather than the beer itself and what they ‘claim’ it would do for you.

Serving the drinks:

Commercial beer is served in a large glass, and chilled. Craft beer is poured lovingly like you would pour wine, at just the right temperature, and given the chance to warm and release its flavors as the color. Craft beer is brewed using hand selected ingredients, and under special care. This process does however raise the ultimate price of the product, but the quality and taste of the product is so very worth it.

So this is the basic difference between commercial beer and craft beer. Commercial beer is mass produced and manufactured by corporations, while craft beer is small scale produced and made by independent brewers and breweries, doing so for the love of the drink. Now whenever you run into the two drinks in the bar or at the store, you now know which is which.


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